What Makes a Human Believe in Gods?

The question of the what makes a human believe in Gods is important. When we look at the history of religion, we see that, for example, early Egyptian religion spoke about a God who sat on a mountain and received the souls of the dead. This was seen as a form of immortality and something that scared away evil spirits. This in turn was used to explain the idea that the dead did not actually suffer during the time of the Egyptian gods but instead went to “the Other World.” The early Christians were thought to be the descendants of this early Egyptian belief. What makes a human believe in Gods?

Religion has been around since its very beginning and in most societies, it is something that is considered a daily routine and something that people will engage in from childhood. Most of these religions have been given birth by people who, in one way or another, came into contact with a higher power. Perhaps their encounters took the form of a story, maybe told to them by an older brother, or they may have experienced an encounter while traveling somewhere and turned into something like a story telling profession.

What makes a human to believe in something that does not make any sense is not always easy to answer. Some religions may have a certain amount of truth in them, though. If something is true, then it will make someone feel good if it is there. However, there are some things that just do not make any sense.

Perhaps, one of the more common examples of what makes a human to believe in something that doesn’t make any sense is when a person claims to have had a personal encounter with, or witnessed, a particular god or entity. They say that they saw or heard this entity and were guided by it in some way. Most often than not, what these people are saying is that they were simply projecting their own thoughts and feelings onto the entity they thought they were seeing or hearing. Even when they are able to provide some sort of rational explanation as to what they were seeing, these explanations do not make any logical sense, nor does it make any sense to anyone else but the person who has experienced it.

There are some things that make a human to believe in something that does make sense. Perhaps the belief is that the thing is out of our own control, but because we have faith in it, we are willing to go along with it, especially if that belief comes from a strong religious belief. The problem with this belief, of course, is that it could be that the thing in question does not exist. If it does, then the belief could be that it is a God or a religion that has some sort of power over its followers. Visit this site for more information.

When you get right down to it, most beliefs that a human has are simply beliefs that they have chosen to believe in based on what they want to believe. For example, if a person wants to believe that Santa Claus exists and he is out there waiting for them with his bag full of gifts, they are really just hoping that something good will happen to them on their next holiday. If they were to find that Santa was not real, they would immediately discard this belief and begin looking for another one that is more reasonable. This is the way that most religions work, after all – whether it is Christianity Islam, or any other religion, the followers of that religion simply have to hope for what they believe will occur, and if it does not, then they have no choice but to look for another that is more rational.

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