The Best Online Free Games For Nintendo Wii

There are just so many great online games out there across many different genres, from action to role playing, sports to puzzle, even hidden object games. It is impossible to really breakdown a definitive list of all the best online games, however, can definitely talk about some popular favorites. We are going to start out with some of my personal favorites that I have been playing for many years, including a few games that have always been on my top 10 list since they were first released. After that I will talk about some more recent games that have surprised me with their popularity, including one that just came out this week. We will also touch upon some games that are now obsolete due to the growing technological advancements of newer games.

A few decades ago, a game called Pokemon began to take the world by storm. Basically, a bunch of virtual critters got together and became a team and traveled through many different places, encountering and battling each other while looking for their own Pokemon to travel with. As the years have progressed, the game has become much more advanced. Now, instead of being a simple journey from one area to another, you have to work your way through a variety of challenges and puzzles in order to keep your Pokemon healthy. The latest release, Pokemon Black and White, continues the tradition of giving players new challenges while still having fun and staying within the Pokemon universe. You can get more information about

Another great game on the list is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This fun online games revolve around a community that wants to save their animals and keep them inside the town limits. You have to go to different areas and feed your animals, while also keeping an eye on your neighbors to make sure they are not harming your resident animals. You can even play a little competitive with other players, as you strive to feed your animals the fastest food available. There are plenty of other activities as well, such as a new challenge that allows you to trade items between your Animal Crossing: New Leaf account.

No discussion of the top three fun online games on Nintendo Wii would be complete without giving shout outs to the game that started it all, Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy. Both of these games have taken the gaming world by storm, becoming some of the most beloved games on any platform. Playing as Mario or Luigi, you travel through a world filled with strange challenges and hidden items, always aiming to reach the goal you set before starting each level. Both of these games require you to think creatively, as you will need to think of the best strategy to overcome obstacles and enemies you meet on your way to reaching the final goal.

Not only are the top three games on Nintendo Wii among the most popular games ever for the system, but they are also among the first ones to offer in-app purchases. In fact, when the game disks were first released, it created such a big buzz within the gaming community that Nintendo was forced to make it available at an extremely low price so that gamers could take advantage of it. Now, nearly four years later, this is one of the highest selling games for the Wii. Players can purchase extra stages, gems, coins, and more using IAP (in-app purchases). Not only does this feature make playing the game more enjoyable but makes purchasing anything else possible as well.

These are just a few of the best online free games for Nintendo Wii. The system itself was designed for younger children, so these fun and entertaining games were naturally created for its youthful audience. With games such as Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendo did an amazing job catering to the audience, making sure no matter how old they are they can still have a great time playing them. The only thing Nintendo could do to improve on this was to make sure these games were made available in HD. By bringing these titles to the high definition format, not only did Nintendo take a step in improving the gaming experience, but they also made sure everyone could enjoy these fun and entertaining online, free games.

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