Virtual Cockpit LCD Dashboard for VW Golf 7

Virtual Cockpit LCD Dashboard for VW Golf 7

Component protection removal and immobilizer adaptation will be required for installation. It gets worse, as if you have the base-spec Discover infotainment system like we have, you can’t have the map on both that and the instrument binnacle. Switch the map view to Active Info Display, and the infotainment screen goes almost completely blank, apart from a sad little compass in one corner and a few other bits . The physical dials on the Clubsport we had on test looked far better, but I suppose you’re probably thinking it’s worth the sacrifice, since you’ll be able to zoom the dials out and have a really cool, vast map display, right? And yea the MOST y-cable cost me over $50 CDN to my door. Will include MOST cable required for viewing navigation for an additional $50.

We are unable to ship international orders at this time due to an ongoing incident with our courier service. Do not compare with cheap low quality Chinese products. No rights can be derived from the information and texts shown.

VW should be better than this, and in fact it is – the newer Active Info Display II system optionally fitted to the MkVI Polo is far, far better. It has much more flexibility and functionality, and if you want, you swap the dials for something else or even make them disappear entirely, replaced by a digital speed readout along the bottom of the screen. It’s best thought of as VW’s version of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, and it replaces the physical dials with a 12.3-inch screen. It’s standard on all UK-spec GTIs and on some other trim levels, while optional on everything else. Developed in-house, bespoke, Pre-cut Paint Protection Film Kit to protect the easily scratched instrument cluster/golf’s virtual cockpit. The Matte finish is similar to the OEM finish on the instrument cluster and significantly helps reduce the effects of sun glare.

Most owners will be aware of the anti-glare layer on the cluster which is easily scratched / swirled even when using the most delicate microfibres during cleaning. As a result, the cluster is difficult to read when in direct sunlight, defeating the purpose of the anti-glare layer. Yes, you can put nav instructions in the middle of the speedometer along with distance remaining on the rev counter, but you lose the big, clear speed and gear indicator displays in the process. And since this is a GTI, chances are you’re going to want that info conspicuously shown.

Our OEM Style multimedia navigation units are designed for each specific vehicle, ensuring that fitment into the vehicles dashboard is of OE standards. Leaving no gaps or holes visible neither do you need any sort of trim plate to ensure correct fitment. Seeming as if has belonged there from the start.

You cannot claim on text, vehicle information and displayed options and accessories. You should take a good look at the photos and you yourself have a duty to investigate as a professional. Do you have any questions or doubts about a relevant vehicle in auction and/or do you want additional information about a lot. Our Kit is plug and Play with no coding or additional wiring necessary. It also uses all the oem functions and warnings from your oem analog cluster and displays it onto the new cluster, with no loss of information. It might sound like I’m being overly-harsh about all this, but that’s only because of the car it’s in.

Should you decide to pop the map into Active Info Display on the non-Pro system, you then lose all visual instructions. It’s as though it’s been artificially hamstrung for the sole purpose of making the optional ‘Discover Pro’ look a bit better. The Pro system is indeed better and not just for that reason, but VW has felt the need to add a gesture control system, which feels like a massive gimmick that doesn’t work all that well.

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