Top 15 Indonesian Game Websites

Top 15 Indonesian Game Websites

Due to the nature of Indonesian copyright laws, video game companies are required to bring lawsuits against illegal merchants to court, the cost of which would often outweigh the benefits. Approximately 56% of PC game players in Indonesia are males, with the 21–35 age group making up the largest demographic. According to Euromonitor, Sony consoles are the most popular with a 60.6% market share followed by Microsoft and Nintendo. Mobile games make up the majority of the revenues, with a 52% revenue share in 2015. dewapokerqq Games are defined as massively multiplayer online games as well as casual and social games that can be either played directly in the internet browser or via clients that need to be installed. Telkom, an Indonesian telecom company, has noted that only 0.4% of the country’s market goes to games made by local developers.

Furthermore, sites that are included in this list have to be active. This means they must at least have published one article in the past week before the data was compiled. These are the top 15 Indonesian game websites as of January 2018. As a game marketer, you know that media has a big role in determining your game’s success. If you are starting to market your game in Indonesia or need to know the top Indonesian game websites, we got your back. Thanks to this list you can plan your media-oriented campaign more efficiently.

Pangerapan notes that the ban will be lifted once the companies register with the country’s database. It’s unclear when these services will come back online, or if they’ll register with the Indonesian database. PayPal, Epic Games, and Valve didn’t immediately respond to The Verge’s request for comment.

There’s no point in even playing the game realistically with passengers if you need internet. The second issue is that there are random passengers on the side of a highway when something like that shouldn’t even be possible. The third problem is the first-person inverted camera controls. It is unclear whether access to services like Steam and Epic Games would be reinstated if they are registered with Kominfo in the future. Browse an unrivaled portfolio of real-time and historical market data and insights from worldwide sources and experts. Insignia Ventures Partners has raised $516 million for its latest funds as the Southeast Asia-focused early-stage tech venture fund doubles down on the region’s digital economy.

Indonesian spelling games – this Indonesian spelling section at present offers five exercises for spelling everyday Bahasa Indonesia words; colors, two animal vocabulary activities, and two general vocab games. These quizzes are some of the most fun Indonesian practice games on this website, and possibly the most appealing to kids. is a portal for games from all platforms, like PC, consoles, and mobile. Many movie reviews and popular things are related to pop culture. Furthermore, it has its own app store called AppToko, where you can download various kinds of games that are available on the market. The writers are not posting regularly on a daily basis, but they still tick the box for being updated in the past week.

Video gaming in Indonesia is a growing sector, holding the 16th largest market in the world and about half the Southeast Asian market in 2017. Over 40 million people in the country are active gamers, with mobile gaming being the dominant sector in terms of revenue. The development of video games in the country began with imported consoles and arcade centers, prior to developments of online gameplay in PC games and the increasing prevalence of internet cafés.

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Freemium games, that only allow the free usage of the game’s core part, are not included. As in many other countries, in Indonesia players readily share examples of poor translation. Sundanese is also widely spoken on Java and is used by more than 27 million people on the island (almost 15% of Indonesia’s population).

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