The Ultimate Recipes for Homemade Potato Salad for Dinner

Summer cookouts and romantic potlucks are just the same without the accompanying potato salad. Still, find that there’s a world of potato salad lovers out there filled with recipe ideas. Tasty potato salad is easy to make and a great way to enjoy a healthy green salad on any given day. Lusciously tasty, this healthy alternative to fries and other veggies has made its way to hearts and minds. You can get more information about can you freeze mushrooms

Preparing this savory side dish is super easy as well. Start the process by slicing up an enormous handful of potatoes into medium size chunks. Then, throw all of that potato into a large Instant Pot or pressure cooker. Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, celery, and oil into the pot and set on high. On the “low” setting, allow the potatoes to cook for approximately 3 hours until soft and half do.

To complete the meal, simply add your greens and desired amount of dressing, stirring until mixed thoroughly. When finished, remove the cooked potatoes from their cans and place them in a colander set with cold water to drain while you prepare the remaining ingredients. For the dressing, simply mix together two or three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, chopped dill, fresh chopped cilantro, and cold water. Stir until thoroughly blended and then use a food processor to puree the mixture. The end result will be a tangy, sweet-sour side dish that’s sure to be loved by everyone!

Makes a delicious and filling meal that can also double as a great dessert as well! If you’re serving it as a dessert, be sure to utilize applesauce to prevent the potatoes from becoming dry. Place a large bowl of low calorie and low fat yogurt inside the refrigerator before you begin cooking your potato salad. Using your immersion circulator, heat the yogurt to desired consistency – not too runny and not too thick. Stir while hot, and then cool down a bit before serving.

For the classic potato salad, you will need a tablespoon of mustard, some mayonnaise, chopped dill, and chopped tomatoes. Combine all ingredients and toss in a bowl. Form the mixture into one ball and then flatten it out, using your fingers. Place in the greased serving bowl and cover until ready to serve. This will help the sauce from cooking longer so that it won’t harden during the waiting time between your first attempt and the second.

For the classic cold potato salad, you will need a cup of vinegar, a quarter of a cup of reduced-fat sour cream, a quarter cup of baby carrots, and two thirds of a cup of low-fat mayonnaise. Combine all ingredients and toss in a bowl. Cover until ready to serve and then add a fourth of a cup of water to help the mixture cook faster. Whisk the mixture until it reduces in consistency and then cover until it is cold. Serve with a little extra mayonnaise on top to add a little more flavor to the classic recipe.

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