Seoul Nightlife

Seoul Nightlife

Hahaha is very close to the passenger station. If you select this option, we’ll highlight hotels and amenities popular with business travelers. Noraebang offers the perfect opportunity to have a great time with friends without worrying about embarrassing yourself in public. Even if you can’t sing well, get up and dance or shake the tambourines to get into the spirit. Noraebang are ubiquitous in South Korea and can literally be found on just about every block in the bigger cities. Moreover, if there are five people or fewer, try to take turns to sing, even when one person is not as good at singing as others.

You may be surprised when apart from your registered time you can still sing for another 10 minutes or 20 minutes. With some solo practice rooms, one person singing in the morning is only 2,000 won, and the afternoon is about 4 ~ 6,000 won per hour. So if you want to practice singing alone, you can come to the solo 홍대셔츠룸 practice rooms. Although there are hundreds upon hundreds of songs available at a noraebang, some songs are, of course, more popular than others.

Korean students often meet their friends, go shopping and have dinner in restaurants before going to noraebang. Some solo singing rooms range between 2,000won to 6,000won hourly. As for a coin noraebang, one song typically costs 500won.

Many of Seoul’s convenience stores feature patio areas where people can lounge with a drink. These stores sell beer and other types of liquor. They make the city nightlife scene a little more exciting because they sell cheap drinks to accompany cheap but delicious street foods. 2 line 2F has a receptionist, but there is no staff.

Instead, you book a private room for you and your group to take turns singing. This is a great option for those who may be too shy to sing otherwise, as well as for those who want to belt out several songs in one session. While part of a bigger chain, this particular noraebang spot in Seoul only offers solo and pair rooms. Add a minimal amount and enjoy unlimited drinks. You can also rent a USB and record yourself singing, then send it to yourself using an in-house computer before you leave. Many noraebang spots can be found near the city center or near universities, perfect for a quick pick-me-upper.

Its walking distance to the metro and bus stops and there are multiple resturants around. The is a convience store downstairs that is 24 hours. Hotel was very conveniently located near two subway lines, taxi stand directly out front, as we all multiple bus stops.

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