Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Drive Your Business Forward

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – Drive Your Business Forward

Recruitment process in Nigeria is becoming a difficult and time-consuming affair for both the employer and the employee. It has become so because of the lack of awareness about the legal provisions involved in the recruitment process. There is no uniform recruitment code governing all the recruitment agencies across the country. In fact, even if the same recruitment procedure is followed by the agency from one state to another, the rules and regulations may not be the same in every state airforce list.

Recruitment process in Nigeria is highly dependent on the number of applicants. It becomes extremely difficult to fill up the requirements of the job vacancies that arise at regular intervals. This is because the number of applicants appearing for the jobs in different sectors and even within a particular sector vary every now and then. To tackle this issue, the government has come up with numerous recruitment boards, which are now functioning throughout the country.

These recruitment boards have restricted the number of candidates they accept. Most of the employers prefer to appoint a limited number of trained individuals as a result of this rule. However, the scenario is totally different when it comes to recruiting temporary or seasonal employees. Most of the recruitment agencies that recruit employees from abroad, on the basis of contracts, prefer to recruit them on an immediate basis. The agencies recruit employees for specific periods such as three months to three years.

Temporary agencies can be hired at any time for the recruitment process. In this case they need to provide the details of the candidate in advance. However the number of employees they recruit is also limited by law. Most of the recruitment process is now conducted online as well. This is because there are several companies that outsource the recruitment process to various agencies across the country.

The recruiting managers in the companies, who are responsible for the overall functioning of the recruitment process in Nigeria prefer to hire some people through outsourcing. The best part about these recruitment agencies is that the turnover is very fast. The average time taken to get the employee trained and groomed is around one month. Most of the recruitment agencies have their own trained staff that recruits immediately.

The biggest problem faced by the recruitment process outsourcing agencies in Nigeria is the lack of skilled staff. They are required to recruit more staff to meet the demand. Since this is a very crucial aspect in the daily operations of the agencies, they try to recruit the staff from the reputed engineering colleges of Nigeria. The professionals who join these agencies end up being highly qualified but are unable to get a job because of the shortage of skilled professionals.

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