Importance of Tree Planting and Tree Management

Importance of Tree Planting and Tree Management

Request for quotes. The three core work units to the complete tree root management scope of service are root pruning, putting seed and soil on top of the roots, and proper root barrier establishment. The Services being offered are normally performed mostly for trees located in residential lawn boulevards across the City of Surrey throughout the City of London. However, there are some private landowners who may also hire a tree surgeon or an arborist during specific times or special needs.

With the ever changing climatic conditions and the increasing population in the urban environments, there are increasing incidences of damages caused by poor tree root management systems. As well as causing damage to the infrastructure of the buildings located below them, they also create such problems with drainage, water supply, and sewage system that end up clogging the sewers leading to blockages. As a result, a number of residents fall prey to mould, mildew, diseases, as well as parasites when water, food, or sewage waste gets blocked in the pipes of the houses. This can also lead to the increase in the number of asthma attacks amongst the inhabitants of the area.

For tree root management in urban environments, it is essential to maintain the adequate thickness of the soil layer beneath the roots. It should also be well drained. For example, in the case of roads, it is better to lay down a permeable layer of polyethylene sheeting under the ground so that any water, sewage, or nutrients that are used for road-building, can drain away. Similarly, for the deeper roots of trees, it is advisable to lay down a deep root zone in order to prevent any sort of blockage or clogging.

The primary purpose of using pavement shield or tree root barrier rollers is to improve the health of the tree growth, prevent soil erosion, and remove debris that may accumulate on the surface. The two different types of this device – pavement shield and tree root barrier rollers – utilize different techniques for their functioning. The pavement shield uses a mesh screen that is suspended from the line connected to the root barriers. As the mesh gets pulverized due to passing of water or any liquid, this acts as a strong grip on the roots and prevents them from slipping out of the pipes or root beds.

Meanwhile, tree root systems encounter a lot of pressure when they are placed in an enclosed space such as a road or a sidewalk. Tree root systems are unable to support the weight of heavy vehicles and other equipment that pass through them. Hence, they become weaker and brittle due to constant strain and eventually break. Such situations pose a danger to human life and property as well.

Hence, proper tree root management should be carried out to ensure the long-term and overall health of the infrastructure. A good tree root management plan involves planning the root system of the trees and the areas where they are to be planted. This plan should address all potential threats posed to the existing infrastructure. Based on the current condition of the trees and the places where they are to be planted, the professionals can then design a good infrastructure plan that would help them in preventing any untoward incident from occurring. The process would also involve the identification of the current threats to the infrastructure and the designing of preventive measures that would help in avoiding any damage due to climatic conditions or environmental factors.

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