Hosting Servers For Your Business Website

Hosting Servers For Your Business Website

Web hosting servers are computer servers that are used by Web hosting companies to store their clients’ domains, which is where their Web space is located. A server dedicated solely to hosting a particular service or programs for particular users. There are different types of hosting servers available today such as: shared, reseller, virtual, dedicated, home, dedicated, grid, colocation, cloud, managed and collocation hosting. Reseller hosting servers are usually used for reselling Web space to other companies. Virtual hosting is when the customer uses another server on a virtual machine, for instance his home PC, to host his website.

All hosting servers come with features such as security, uptime, performance, flexibility and database. The features of the various options available are mentioned below: Dedicated hosting servers are used to host large Web sites and thus require more resources and disk space. Here, the customer has control over the operation of the server including choosing its hardware, operating systems, application software, support services, etc.

Shared hosting servers are normally rented from a vps service provider. The service provider is responsible for providing access to Internet and data connections. With shared server space, some sites do not have their own server space whereas others may use the same server space as many other sites. With reseller hosting, the web host gets a portion of the total server space. This portion is typically given to him at a fixed rate. With a virtual dedicated server, the customer gets a physical server, software and access to the Internet and other applications.

Home users can rent or lease their own server in the Internet. With this option, they get control over their network. Some of these users prefer to buy their own machine or server from service providers while others opt for colocation. The cost of colocation can be very high so it is not commonly opted by home users.

In comparison to VPS and shared servers, a virtual private server has several advantages. A virtual private server is managed by the customer and is similar to a dedicated server. However, it does not require the customer to share resources with others. With a virtual private server, the security features are comparable to dedicated servers.

The cloud hosting is another choice that is fast gaining popularity. It is an inexpensive way to host web sites. Cloud hosting allows you to control and manage your site through a website hosting provider. The data security with cloud hosting is still good and better compared to other types of servers. These servers offer more flexibility with features such as, easy application control, database, and data security.

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