A New Focus for Grove Square Galleries

A New Focus for Grove Square Galleries

Established in 2021 by award-winning artist Florence Ware, Grove Square Galleries has a long history in supporting the work of contemporary artists from all over the world. Florence’s eclectic approach to art, combining an appreciation of the visual culture of the city with an interest in practical lifestyle and everyday life, has led her to develop a reputation as one of the city’s most respected and creative art dealers. She has been described as “a true urban artisan” because her works frequently evolve with the times, taking on new roles and presenting new interpretations. Her gallery space at Grove Square, located between Clapham Common and Southhall, is therefore anything but traditional: a venue that is an active part of the street life of this ever-changing centre of culture and commerce. In fact, it is an important link between the public and the very heart of fashionable East End.

Since its founding, Grove Square Galleries has been at the forefront of contemporary art galleries in London, acting as an advisory service for both established artists and up-and-coming talent. Providing a forum through which artists can meet, discuss and develop new projects, the gallery showcases a regular roster of solo and group exhibitions as well as group shows, social events, dinners and more. The contemporary art gallery space at Grove Square is committed to supporting talented people while giving them the opportunity to make their mark on the global art scene. Offering regular shows at Grove Square, as well as hosting a prestigious solo and group exhibitions and performances, the company works hard to ensure that its installations are as dynamic and original as possible.

A particularly popular solo exhibition feature is the Complex Art installation, which allows participants a unique chance to view a large scale painting by Christopher Kieling. The striking black and white work, which was made over a period of 14 years, has earned the Canadian artist comparisons to renowned contemporary artist Jasper Johns. The Complex Art installation is located at Grove Square Galleries in London. The striking black and white design features brushstrokes and layers of colour which appear to have been randomly arranged, suggesting the artist’s interest in abstract expressionism. As well as this striking single piece, Grove Square Galleries host a regular solo exhibition of solo exhibition paintings, many of which include work by established artists working in the highly competitive field of solo exhibition.

As part of its commitment to supporting young and upcoming artists, the company has long co-operated with a leading art publisher to create the first ever Centre of Contemporary Arts (CCA). The CCA was designed to bring together established collectors and younger artists in order to share information and support each other as artists in the thriving contemporary art market. This strong collaboration between Grove Square Galleries and CCA has enabled the company to launch a new flagship exhibition space, the Grand Parade Gallery in London. The gallery space incorporates state of the art, hard-to-find condition exhibitions and networking opportunities that help to support the careers of many established collectors and budding artists.

Another important aspect of the company’s work is its support for financially and artistically disadvantaged communities. The gallery is committed to developing close and personal relationships with its clients, in order to build a positive relationship based on trust and a desire to support their needs. The company’s art funding charity is another innovative way in which it is committed to supporting artists in need. Through the Noirlette Foundation, Grove Square Galleries strives to build a community of support and advocacy for artists who are in need of financial support. Many organisations and individuals find support through the Noirlette Foundation. The Noirlette Foundation works with clients and colleagues in the UK and internationally to improve the lives of underprivileged people.

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